Analogue television signals in Nairobi and its environs must be switched off soon if Kenya is to meet the global deadline of June 17th, 2015, the Communications Authority of Kenya Director General Francis Wangusi has said.

Other parts of the country are expected to migrate to the digital broadcasting soon after with due consideration for lead time before the global deadline.

Consultations between the Authority and stakeholders on the Analogue Switch Off dates are in high gear after which the agreed dates will be publicly announced.

Mr. Wangusi said no broadcasters will be allowed to use analogue signals within Nairobi after switch off and urged Kenyans to acquire set top boxes enable them receive digital signals on their television sets.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Broadband Forum in Nairobi, Mr. Wangusi noted that the growth of broadband in Kenya is still faced with numerous challenges; key among them the roll-out of broadband infrastructure which is expected to ride on the spectrum currently occupied by analogue broadcasters.

The spectrum released after successful migration will be used to deploy broadband in the rural areas and further narrow the digital divide. 

Mr. Wangusi however expressed concerns that Kenya was still trails its East African neighbours in the migration to digital broadcasting, a situation described as unfortunate and unacceptable.