The Supreme Court has today ruled that the analogue switch-off timelines remain as scheduled. The Authority has subsequently given all broadcasters still broadcasting on the analogue platform until midnight of 13th February 2015 to migrate to the digital platform.  This follows the bid by three media houses namely; Nation Media Group, Standard Group and Royal Media Services to continue broadcasting on the analogue platform.

The Supreme Court also withdrew orders earlier issued to allow the three broadcasters to continue broadcasting on the analogue platform. The Court ruled that the Authority reinstates the self-provisioning authorization and the requisite frequencies issued to the three media houses. The three media houses are expected to abide by ALL the conditions in the authorization.

The digital migration process shall continue as planned with the third phase for switch off scheduled for 30th March 2015. This will cover Garissa, Kitui, Lodwar, Lokichogio, Kapenguria, Kabarnet, Migori, Voi (Vuria), Mbwinzau/Kibwezi, Namanga and any other remaining sites.

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