Ms.Maureen Nyanjong,president Kenya Distributors Guild (right) explains a point to Eng.Leo Boruett,Director,Multimedia Services,Communications Authority of Kenya  (second left)  and Dr.Hanningtone Gaya, chairman of the Media Owners Association  (second right)  during the inaugural local content exhibition hosted by the Authority. Looking on is Mr.Christopher Wambua, Assistant Director,Multimedia Content and Innovation,at the CA.The event,hosted by the Authority, provides a platform for producers to showcase local content.

The Authority this week hosted the first ever-local TV content soko. The Soko brought together local content producers, content distributors and broadcasters to buy and sell local programming as well as network and share ideas on how best to grow the industry.

Broadcasters in the country are currently obligated to meet 40 per cent local content. The local content roadmap, developed in 2013, provides a guide to broadcasters on the year-on-year local content thresholds to be met to reach 60 per cent in 2018.

“Our broadcast content monitoring reports have time and again revealed that there are genres of local content that is under-represented in broadcasting. These include children programmes, documentaries, reality shows, and programmes meant for persons with disabilities,” said CA Director General in a speech read on his behalf by Eng. Leo Boruett. He further challenged local content producers and broadcasters to dedicate more time and effort in increasing airtime dedicated to these genres.

According to Kenya Film Commission CEO, Ms. Lizzie Chongoti, a lot of efforts have been put in place to promote the local film industry, including exploring possibilities of establishing a film fund to provide capital to local filmmakers as well as provision of incentives to international filmmakers who chose Kenya as their filming destination.

The chairman of the Media Owners Association (MOA), Dr. Hanningtone Gaya said for local content to be more appealing, producers should aspire for uniqueness, good quality, and authenticity. These coupled with high standards and appropriate pricing of local content will ensure sustainability and growth of the market.

The local content producers through the president of the Kenya Distributors Guild, Maureen Nyanjong noted that despite the migration to the digital broadcasting platform, there is still a slow uptake of local content by broadcasters who preferred to broadcast foreign content.