CA Director General Mr.Francis Wangusi.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) consulted stakeholders on the recently published programme code for free to air radio and TV services contrary to claims by the Media Owners Association (MOA).

In an article published in the Daily Nation of January 18, Dr.Hannington Gaya, Chairman of the MOA, accused CA for prescribing the code without first consulting stakeholders.

CA Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi says the Authority subjected the Code to public and stakeholders’ consultation from April 8 to May 7 last year in accordance with the Constitution.

‘‘During the consultation period, the Authority received input and representations from 11 stakeholder groups, including media owners.’’ Said Mr. Wangusi.

After receiving input from stakeholders, the Authority further convened a workshop on the programme code on July 9, 2015 at the Stanley Hotel attended by 100 representatives from 79 organizations during which the analysis of submitted inputs was discussed in detail with stakeholders. An additional 18 representations and inputs from stakeholders were submitted and deliberated on during the said workshop, and thereafter during one-on-one meetings convened by CA.

A report on the consultative process undertaken on the programme code is available on our corporate website here.

The Programme Code outlines the programming standards that radio and TV broadcasters have to observe, and constitutes one of the licence conditions that licensed broadcasters have to adhere to.

The Authority remains open to engage broadcasters and other stakeholders with a view to ensuring the local broadcasting sector works efficiently and creates value in the greater interest of the public, and licensees.

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