Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) unveiled a telecommunications numbering and addressing scheme in 2002. The scheme aims to ensure stability and steady availability of adequate numbers for end users and for the overall growth of communication services in Kenya. The introduction of the new numbering plan was also necessitated by the market liberalization of the communication services in Kenya, which had resulted in creating a huge demand on the telecommunications numbering resources from the unprecedented growth of communications services in the country.

In view of the above, efficient management and administration of numbering resources takes centre stage.

  • Numbering Issuance Procedures


    Eligibility criteria

    • All licensed operators that require numbers for their operations, are eligible for assignment of numbers from the national numbering resource.
    • Organizations intending to become licensed under the Act and whose granting of the license has been agreed in principle and require numbers for planning, may seek reservations of numbering resource for a maximum period of three months.
    • End users and service providers requiring numbers shall seek secondary assignment from those eligible. These secondary assignments should be done in line with the principles of transparency, non-discriminatory and equitable access, for those with rights to assignments of numbers from the Authority.
    • All licensed Mobile operators shall be eligible for administration of Short Numbers with leading digits 2 to 8 to own customers licensed to provide service to the mobile operators end users for text messaging. The administered short numbers shall also be liable for the audit process under 5.10 below.
    • Short codes in the series beginning with 1 and 9 are designated for customer services and emergency services and are only assigned directly by the Authority.

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  • National Numbering Plan

  • Numbering Application Forms

  • Mobile Number Portability

    The Authority, on 7th October 2010, issued the Procedures and Guidelines for the Provision of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Services in Kenya (PDF). These procedures and guidelines have been developed in consultation with mobile operators and the MNP services provider and shall form part of the Operators and Service Provider’s Licenses.

    The procedures and guidelines specify the different stages of the Mobile Number Portability process from the point when a subscriber requests to transfer or port a number from their current Mobile Service Provider (Donor operator) to another Mobile Service Provider (Recipient Operator), to the point when the subscriber has an active account on the recipient operator and the account on the donor operator has been closed and all other operators have been informed of the number porting. For more information on the porting process read the:

  • Mobile Number Portability Frequently Asked Questions