• What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

    Mobile Number Portability is a telecommunications service that enables you to retain you telephone number (s) when you change mobile operators. This means that you can move from one mobile operator to another without losing your number, which is commonly referred to as ‘porting’.
  • What are the benefits from MNP?

    • You will retain your number when moving from one operator to the other and thus enjoy freedom and convenience.
    • You will receive all your calls and messages regardless of which mobile network you may have ported your number to, without having to inform your friends, relatives, colleagues or clients about your change of mobile operator.
    • You will save money as you do not have to purchase SIM cards for each mobile operator or maintain more than one mobile hand set.
    • You can choose the mobile operator who you feel offers better quality of service and customer experience.

  • Who can port?

    Any prepay or postpay mobile subscriber can port to any mobile operator.
  • What you need to consider before making a port request?

    • Your number with your current mobile operator should be active
    • You will lose your credit balance in the porting process
    • You need to back-up all contacts saved on your current mobile operator SIM card
    • You will lose all services from your current operator including any incoming SMSs or MMSs that have not been retrieved or delivered
    • Your porting request shall be declined if you have any bills or have not paid any credit advances (for example Kopa Credo or Okoa Jahazi)
    • You should use up or retrieve any money your money transfer account (for example M-pesa, ZAP, yuCash, Orange Money) or seek a refund from your old operator after you have successfully ported your number.
    • You should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of all services provided by your current mobile operator.

  • Where can I make my request to port?

    You should make your request to port your number at a Retail Shop or Appointed Agent of the mobile operator you wish to join.
  • When can I make request to port?

    You can make a porting request Monday to Friday during working hours (0830-1730Hours) excluding weekends and Public holidays.
  • Where can I make my request to port?

    You should make your request to port your number at a Retail Shop or Appointed Agent of the mobile operator you wish to join.

  • Can I make a porting request on behalf of my organization?

    Porting requests made on behalf of an organization shall be accompanied by a letter of authority on letterhead paper of the organization signed by an authorized signatory.
  • Will I lose money held on my money transfer account (for example M-pesa, ZAP, yuCash, Orange Money) when I port my number to another network?

    No. You should request your old operator to refund your money.
  • What is required to port my number?

    • Visit the retail shop of the mobile operator you intend to switch to with your original identification documents (e.g. I.D. card, Passport or Armed forces I.D. card).
    • Fill in the Number Portability Request Form and present your documents for verification.
    • Pay a porting fee Kshs.200. This fee shall be applicable for successful port request.

  • How much does it cost to port my number?

    A porting fee of Kshs. 200 is applicable for each request to port a number. The fee is applicable for a successful port.
  • Can I pay my porting fee by mobile money transfer service (M-PESA, yuCash, ZAP, Orange Money)?

    No. You should request your old operator to refund your money. 

  • Will I be issued with a new SIM card?

    Yes. Your new operator will issue you with a new SIM card after signing the Number Porting Request Form and paying Kshs 200 porting fee.
  • Do I need to register this new SIM card?

    Yes. You are required to register your new SIM card in accordance with the CA Registration requirements.
  • How will I start porting process?

    • Visit the retail shop/customer care of the mobile operator you intend to switch.
    • Fill in the Mobile Number Portability Form and present your ID.
    • Pay the porting fee of Kshs 200 and you will then be issued with a new SIM card
    • Before leaving the shop you will be assisted to send a free SMS to start the automated switching process from your current SIM card
    • You will receive SMS updates on the porting process.
    • Replace your current SIM card with the new SIM Card when notified
    • Start enjoying the services of your new mobile operator

  • Can I port from a prepaid to a postpaid number and vice versa?

  • I have a post-pay contract with my current provider, can I port my number?

    Yes. You should however arrange to pay any outstanding bills.
  • How long will it take to port to a new Operator?

    Porting to your new operator may take a few minutes (but not longer than 48 hours between Monday and Friday excluding public holidays).
  • Do I lose access to services (voice, SMS, etc) during the porting process?

    No. You will continue to enjoy the services of your current operator until the porting request is complete.
  • How will I know that my porting request has been successful?

  • Where can I make my request to port?

    You will receive the following SMS notification from PORTING.
  • Will I need to surrender my old SIM to my old operator after my number has been ported?

  • What happens after porting my number?

    You will retain your telephone number and begin to use services from your new mobile operator.
  • How will I know that the person I am calling has ported and how much will I pay for calling and sending SMS to him/her?

    When you call a number that has been ported you will first hear an audible warning tone (beep) before you hear the ring tone.
  • Can I port my number more than once?

    Yes You can make another port request to any other operator only after a period of not less than 60 calendar days. This subsequent port request will be subject to similar requirements as a new port including filling and submitting a Number Portability Request Form and payment of a porting fee of Kshs. 200 to your new operator.
  • Can I select the date on which my ported request should be activated?

    Yes. You should indicate this date on the Number Portability Request form. This date shall not be more than 60days from the date that you submit your porting request.
  • Can I cancel my port request?

    No. You cannot cancel your port request once the automated porting process has started.
  • Can I make calls or SMS during the porting process?

    Yes, you are entitled to the services of your current mobile operator until your porting request has been successfully completed.
  • What happens if calls to my number do not go through after a successful port?

    You should immediately contact your new mobile operator.
  • What happens if I lose my SIM card after I have ported my number?

    You should immediately contact your new mobile operator.
  • What should I do if my old mobile operator contacts me directly or indirectly after I make my porting request or after I have switched to my new mobile operator ?

    Any attempt to ‘win you back’ to your old or previous mobile operator is a contravention of the mobile operator’s Licence and should be immediately reported to the Authority.
  • Where can I make a complaint?

    You should first approach your new mobile operator if you have a complaint on the porting process or any other services. If your complaint is not sufficiently addressed you may submit your complaint to the Authority through the following contacts: Tel: 020 4455555 0737 445555 0714 444555 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Where can I get more information?

    You can get more information from your preferred/new mobile operator or the Authority.