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The COVID – 19 ICT Advisory Committee notifies the public that the second session on call for submissions shall come to a close on 21st August 2020 to pave way for evaluations and scaling up of potential innovations.

The committee evaluates all submissions in strict adherence to its objectives as set out in the Terms of Reference that guide its mode of engagement. We look forward to receiving your application.

Thanks for your interest in working with us in seeking ICT specific solutions to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya.

The COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee welcomes the submission of local ICT innovations that address the impact of COVID-19 in Kenya in these particular areas:

  • Health
  • Economy
  • Food
  • Livelihoods
  • Logistics/ Transport
  • Security

Should we require any further information in addition to what you have submitted, someone from the Secretariat will be in touch or feel free to contact the Secretariat.

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Mandate of the Committee

The COVID – 19 ICT Advisory Committee was appointed through Gazette Notice No. 3236 of 2020 by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Mr. Joe Mucheru on 21st April 2020 to co-ordinate ICT specific responses to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond in Kenya.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of:

  1. Mercy Wanjau              – Chairperson
  2.  Peter Njonjo                -Vice-Chairperson


  1. Dr. Joseph Sitienei
  2. Ory Okolloh
  3. Dr. Shikoh Gitau
  4. Hilda Moraa
  5. Mahmoud Noor
  6. Kevin Atibu


  1. Dr. James Njeru
  2. Mercy Tepla
  3. Alvin Amuyunzu
  4. Rahab Juma
  5. Augustus Munywoki
  6. John Kiria

Terms of Reference for the Committee

The Terms of Reference of the Advisory Committee are to:

  • Develop and implement a framework for identifying, supporting and scaling local ICT solutions that can support the country in its efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic effects;
  • Establish an enabling environment that will stimulate economic development through ICTs and increase digital employment by supporting enterprises, workers, investments and skills development;
  • Support the National and County Emergency Response Committees on Covid-19 on any matters that may require intervention by ICTs;
  • Co-ordinate innovators, academia, the private sector and well-wishers on utilization of solutions that address the effects of the pandemic and beyond;
  • Examine the effects and impact of Covid-19 on the lives and socio-economic activities of Kenyans and advice on key ICT initiatives to respond to the pandemic, in order to mitigate the effects of pandemics on individual livelihoods, communities and the economy, with particular regard to:
    1. Scaling of local innovations and products
    2. Job creation and sustainability of micro, small and medium enterprises,
    3. Realization of the digital economy as envisioned in the blue print and Vision 2030
    4. Consumer protection
    5. Quality of life and resilience of all Kenyans.
    6. Ubiquitous digital learning
    7. Universal access communication services; and
    8. Universally affordable connectivity.
  • Propose appropriate policy and regulatory interventions that include intellectual property rights and the implementation of sandboxing to fast-track the adoption of innovations; and
  • Advice on the role of technology in delivery of value to humanity including the role of ICTs in exporting labour and innovations, stimulating and growing all sectors of the economy post Covid-19.

In the performance and proper discharge of its functions, the Advisory Committee is mandated to review official reports, policy, legislation or any documents related to the Terms of Reference mentioned above.

This shall be conducted through consultative meetings with sector stakeholders and members of public. The committee may as well carry out or cause to be carried out such studies or research as may inform the Advisory Committee on its mandate; and in so doing, may co-opt such other persons, who possess the appropriate competencies as are necessary for the performance of the Terms of Reference.

Frequectly Asked Questions

1. Why was the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee established?
The committee was established for purposes of co-ordinating ICT specific responses to
the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

2. What is the submission due date for applications?
The committee will be receiving submissions from mid-April to the end of September

4. Can I submit more than one application?

At the moment, submitting an additional application can only be done through a different
email address from the one previously used.
5. How will the committee handle matters to do with Intellectual Property Rights?

The COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee recognizes and respects Intellectual Property
rights of applicants submitting the applications for consideration. Members of the
Committee guarantee to keep confidential any Intellectual Property received for

Subsequently, the Committee encourages applicants to ensure that they have registered
their Intellectual Property rights with the relevant Government agencies to guarantee
protection. The Committee indemnifies itself, in whole, against all claims, demands,
suits, damages, infringement and liabilities.
6. What happens if my application gets rejected?

The committee will communicate to both the innovators of successful and unsuccessful
submissions in the different stages of evaluation. Upon rejection, the innovator is free to
submit the innovation idea to any other hubs or organisations that support his/her idea as
7. What happens after my application is accepted by the Committee?

Depending on your ask, the committee will proceed with how best to handle the request
and whether the same can be channeled to various government Agencies. The committee
may also request for additional data following acceptance to better understand your
innovation and implementation strategy before giving any final written confirmation.
8. How do I provide more information on my innovation?

Additional information can be submitted by way of attaching the documents or
forwarding the additional information to the email address
9. Can I make corrections to my application after submission?

Yes. Kindly edit the form and forward it to the email address
10. What support can the Committee provide?

The Committee upon evaluation will engage further with the innovator on the ‘ask’
(Funding, Access to data etc) and how the same would be put into use once granted by
the Committee
11. What is the proposed implementation period for health projects?

The initial implementation period is six months, however, it is expected that the
innovation will continue beyond Covid-19 pandemic.
12. How will I receive communication from the Committee that my application has been

The Committee, through the Secretariat, shall respond to you via email.
13. What is the difference between the Call for submissions by the Committee and the
Innovation Challenge?

The Call for Submissions by the Committee is solely for the purposes of co-ordinating
ICT specific responses to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, as set out
in the Gazette Notice establishing the Committee.

The Innovation Challenge by the Konza Technolopolis looks to match issues articulated
by Ministries, Departments and Agencies, with scalable solutions that can be co-created
and adopted for use, matched by policy and financial incentives.
14. Do I need to have a fully developed idea to submit my application?

No.The Google form on the website will require you to fill out the column on ‘Maturity’
of your application and the Committee will evaluate based on the same.
15. Can I submit applications outside the sectors stated?

Yes. This will fall under the ‘Others’ category and the Committee will then evaluate your
innovation based on the solution it provides.
16. What is the eligibility criteria?

Anyone can submit an Innovation provided it gives a viable solution to the pandemic.
17. Who can participate or share ideas?

Individuals, Startups, Companies, Government Agencies and Non-Governmental
18. How can I contact the Committee?

Please use the email address or call the following telephone numbers
0110 944 876, 0110 944 877

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