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Authority Fetes Broadcasters For Complying With Law On Local Content

Posted on: 29th June 2017

CA Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi presents a certificate to K24 representatives who were the overall winners during the Inaugural KUZA awards ceremony. The awards were held to recognize and celebrate the milestones achieved by television broadcasters 

Communications Authority of Kenya has feted television broadcasters in their efforts to comply with Programming Code that among other things requires them to dedicate 40 per cent of their airtime to local content.

The inaugural awards dubbed, Kuza recognizes and celebrates the milestones achieved by television broadcasters. The awards are  aimed at encouraging the broadcasters to embrace the standards set in the Code assessments including airing of local content.

The awards were in five categories including, Local Content Programming, Local Content Children’s Programming, Local Content Prime, People With Disability accessibility and the overall complaint award.

K24 emerged the overall winner while Inooro TV was announced as the runners up as well as winners in the Local content Programming Award category. KTS TV was the runners up in this category.

NTV won in the children’s category while K24 was announced the runners up. EDU TV won the prime time  category Award while the  EBRU TV became . National Broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) winning the Persons With Disability Accessibility Implementation Award with KTN being the runners up.

The event was officiated by CA Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi, The Chairperson of the Digital Broadcasters Association Mr. Joel Karanja, and The Chief Executive Officer of the Media Owners Association Ms. Lynette Mwangi and the Acting CEO of the Kenya Film Commission Ms. Caroline Kittur who sent a representative.

“To ensure that Kenya harnesses the opportunities presented by digital migration, it is imperative that the broadcasting industry players acknowledge their responsibility to Kenyans as envisioned in the constitution and the ICT sector law.  It is heartening to note that majority of broadcasters are taking the necessary steps to comply with regulatoryprovisions”, said Mr. Wangusi

The revised ICT sector legal framework vested CA with the responsibility of developing, administering and monitoring broadcasters’ compliance to the guidelines laid down. In line with the law, the Authority, in collaboration with broadcasting industry stakeholders, developed The Programming Code for free-to-air Radio and Television.  The code sets the standards for the time and manner of programmes to be broadcast by broadcasting lic

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