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The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is charged with the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the interests of consumers in relation to the provision of ICT services and equipment. The Authority, among other mechanisms seek to ensure that communication service providers adhere to the following:

Kenya Constitution, 2010 (Section 46 and 47)

More details are available from the following downloads:


Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998 (Sections 27, 38, 39, 46K, 66 and 83R )

Kenya Consumer Protection Act, 2012 (Sections 31, 32 and 33)


The Kenya Information and Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2010

The Kenya Information and Communications (Dispute Resolution) Regulations, 2010

The Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of subscribers of Telecommunication services) Regulations, 2012


Guidelines on the Prevention of undesirable bulk political content via SMS

Procedures and Guidelines for the management of Telecommunications Short Codes and Premium Rate numbers in Kenya

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

In Kenya, the rights and responsibilities of consumers are enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act, 2010. They are designed to ensure that consumers are provided with full information, including the price quality, of any product or service they may wish to purchase, to ensure that they are safe and meet international standards. The Kenya Information and Communications (Consumer Protection) Regulations, 2010 stipulates consumers rights and responsibilities as follows;

Consumer Rights
Consumer Responsibilities
  • Receive clear and complete information about rates, terms and conditions for Available and proposed products and services;
  • Be charged only for the products and services they subscribe to;
  • Select a service provider and service of the customer’s choice;
  • Personal privacy and protection against unauthorized use of personal information;
  • Accurate and understandable bills for products and services authorised by the customer, and to fair prompt redress in the event of a dispute in the provision of the
  • Products and services;
  • Protection from unfair trade practices, including false and misleading advertising and anti-competitive behaviour by licensees; and
  • Equal opportunity for access to the same type and quality of service as other customers in the same area at substantially the same tariff limiting variations to
  • Available or appropriate technologies required to serve specific customers.
  • Use communications systems and services in the appropriate manner, without abusing them;
  • Familiarize with and honour their obligations under any contract entered into  with a product supplier or service provider;
  • Make reasonable decisions in exercising their right of choice; and
  • Familiarize with and abide by any safety or security requirements pertaining to the use of communications systems and service.


Consumer Research Information 

Consumer Satisfaction and Perception Surveys

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