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Broadcasting plans are drawn up by different regional conferences to facilitate the use of terrestrial service frequencies by administrations party to these agreements. The broadcasting plans in force applicable to Kenya include:

The plan for medium frequency broadcasting in regions 1, 3 and low frequency broadcasting in Region 1, Geneva 1975. This plan is known as GE75 and covers the frequency bands 148.5-283.5 kHz and 526.5-1705 kHz.
The plan for the use of band 87.5 – 108 MHz for FM sound broadcasting in Region 1 and part of region 3, Geneva 1984. This plan is commonly known as GE84 Plan.

The plan for VHF or UHF analogue television broadcasting in the African broadcasting area and neighbouring countries, Geneva 1989. This plan is known as GE89 Plan and covers the frequency bands 47 –68, 174 – 230, and 470-862 MHz.

The HF broadcasting (also known as short wave), which has no plan but is covered by article S12 of the Radio Regulations. This service is within the frequency band 5900 – 26100 kHz.

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