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The Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, mandates the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to develop a national cyber security management framework through the establishment of a national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT).

The Authority set up the National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Center (National KE-CIRT/CC) whose mandate is to coordinate response and manage cyber security incidents nationally and to collaborate with relevant actors locally, regionally and internationally.

The national KE-CIRT/CC is Kenya’s national cybersecurity trusted point of contact and is mandated with offering advice on cybersecurity matters nationally and coordinating response to cyber incidents in collaboration with relevant stakeholders locally, regionally and globally.

The functions of the National KE-CIRT/CC include:

  • Offering advisories on Cybersecurity matters and coordinating cyber incident response in collaboration with relevant actors locally, regionally and internationally;
  • Acting as the national trusted point of contact for information security matters;
  • Gathering and disseminating technical information on computer security incidents;
  • Carrying out research and analysis on computer security;
  • Capacity building in information security and creating and maintaining awareness on cybersecurity-related activities; and,
  • Facilitating the development of a National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI), among others.

You can access the KE-CIRT/CC website, click here

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