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Dot Ke Domain Name System (DNS)

The Kenya Information and Communications Act 1998 (as amended), gives the Authority the mandate to develop a framework for the administration and management of the dot KE ccTLD domain name space. This entails the development of relevant guidelines for the administration and management of the name space, including Domain Name Dispute Resolution Regulations, 2010, particularly makes it a requirement for any person administering a sub-domain in the Kenyan ccTLD to obtain a licence from the Authority.

The dot KE Domain Name, also known as the Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), refers to the two-letter code (.KE) that uniquely identifies Kenya on the Internet. A dot KE Domain Name allows Internet users to acquire a Kenyan identity in the cyber space. Below the Dot KE domain name is the Dot KE Subdomains which are also known as the second level Dot KE domain names and include such two letter codes as .go (government), .co (commercial), .ed (education), or (organization), among others.

Currently, the Dot KE Domain Name Registry services are administered by the Kenya Network Information Center (KENIC), a Public Private Partnership (PPP. The Authority is the trustee on the Dot KE ccTLD, on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

The Dot KE Subdomain name registration services are carried out by Dot KE ccTLD registrars. Dot KE ccTLD subdomain Registrars are now required to obtain an authorization from the Authority as a licensing requirement for accreditation by the Dot KE Domain Registry Services Provider.

The benefits of licensing the Dot KE Subdomain name registrars are:

  • Putting in place a regulatory role in the Dot KE Domain Name Registry which is a critical National infrastructure;
  • Ensuring continuity of the Dot KE Domain Name Registry;
  • Keep a database of the Dot KE second level domain registrars to facilitate the expeditious response to cyber incidents;
  • Encourage growth of the Dot KE Domain Name; and
  • Oversee the security matters of the Dot KE Domain Name Registry.




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