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Dynamic Spectrum Access Framework for Authorization of the use of TV White Spaces

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is committed to discharging its mandate to ensure that the ICT sector contributes to the socio-economic growth of Kenya, in line with its vision of a digitally transformed nation.

The Authority is adopting methods beyond the traditional model of dedicated spectrum licensing to individual operators to meet the rapidly increasing demand. To achieve this Implementation of spectrum sharing is a key regulatory intervention that the Authority intends to adopt to accommodate varying levels of spectrum demand and over time, this approach shall be a key strategy of spectrum management.

The Authority authorizes the use of TV white spaces (TVWS), in the 470-694 MHz UHF Spectrum band, currently allocated to the broadcasting service on a primary basis. White Space Devices (WSDs) shall be authorized to operate in areas where specific channels are unused for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcasting.

The Authority, therefore, adopts the framework set out in this document, including the definitions, rules and procedures defining TVWS availability and associated power levels to be controlled by the geolocation databases.

The Authority shall maintain control over the effective implementation of the regulatory framework allowing TVWS operation, subject to market demand and periodic feasibility assessment of costs and benefits for efficient operation.


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