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Eligibility, Application procedures and general conditions for numbering resources

Eligibility criteria

  • All licenced operators that require numbers for their operations, are eligible for assignment of numbers from the national numbering resource.
  • Organizations intending to become licenced under the Act and whose granting of the licence has been agreed in principle and require numbers for planning, may seek reservations of numbering resource for a maximum period of three months.
  • End users and service providers requiring numbers shall seek secondary assignment from those eligible. These secondary assignments should be done in line with the principles of transparency, non-discriminatory and equitable access, for those with rights to assignments of numbers from the Authority.
  • All licenced Mobile operators shall be eligible for administration of Short Numbers with leading digits 2 to 8 to own customers licenced to provide service to the mobile operators end users for text messaging. The administered short numbers shall also be liable for the audit process under 5.10 below.
  • Short codes in the series beginning with 1 and 9 are designated for customer services and emergency services and are only assigned directly by the Authority.

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