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KUZA Awards Voting Process Goes Digital in the People’s Category

Posted on: 29th April 2018

The Authority has today launched a digital voting process in People’s Choice category under the CA’s recently launched Kuza Broadcasting Awards.

This year, the awards have been broadly categorized into three categories comprising 16 awards. The categories are Regulatory Compliance, Collaborative and the Peoples’ Choice.

Under the People’s Category, the audience will vote for TV and Radio broadcasters who they feel have used their broadcasting platforms to positively impact the society with content that promote thematic areas such as, agriculture, entrepreneurship and other related social-economic developments programmes including those that focus on the youth, women and People With Disabilities PWDs.

CA’s Director General Francis Wangusi, in a speech read on his behalf by Leo Boruett, Director, Multimedia Services, challenged the broadcasters to dedicate their resources and efforts in rallying the audience to vote and give their feed back.

The audience can give their feedback via digital platform by sending a cost free-text with the word “KUZA to 15601. The Audience have thirty days window period for voting  beginning today.

‘‘Today’s launch therefore seeks to bring together industry and consumer to leverage in creating a responsible and responsive broadcasting industry,’’ said Mr.Wangusi.

The winners in the Regulatory Compliance and Collaborative categories will be picked based on their compliance with the Programming Code and Licence Conditions, while the Peoples’ Choice Category will be based on consumer feedback on the social economic impact of broadcasting services on the community.

The 2018 Kuza Awards will adjudicated by an independent jury, in addition to data collated from the various Authority’s broadcasting reports and feedback obtained from consumer through an online voting system.

The winners will be feted at an Awards Gala on 23rd May 2018.

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