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Posted on: 30th September 2021

The Authority is mandated under the Kenya Information and Communications Act 1998, to regulate and facilitate development in the ICT Sector. Additionally, the Act gives the Authority the express mandate of managing and administering the Universal Service Fund (USF) whose primary objective is to ensure universal access to and use of ICTs by all Kenyans.

In line with the above objective, the Authority embarked on the implementation of the Cellular Mobile Network Infrastructure and Services Project in the Financial Year 2017/18. The Cellular Mobile Network Infrastructure and  Services project seeks to connect the unserved and underserved populations in Kenya, to cellular mobile network services. Phase I of the project targeted 78 sub-locations out of which, 75 sub-locations have been successfully connected. Phase II of the project was launched in 2021 and is targeting to connect an additional 101 sub-locations.

The outcome of the updated 2021 ICT Access Gap Study established and recommended 274 sub-locations in the country as requiring intervention under the Universal Service Fund (USF). Owing to the need to close the remaining ICT access gaps, the Authority is in the preliminary stages of implementing Phase III of the project that seeks to connect the identified sub-locations, with a view of fast-tracking the path towards fostering a digitally transformed nation.

In view of the above, the Authority will hold a virtual stakeholder’s engagement forum on Friday, 1st October 2021.The forum is aimed at discussing the modalities of the project and the attendant issues that may affect the implementation of the project.

The consultation document is available on the Authority’s website at: public-consultations/

Stakeholders, including members of the public, licensees and interested organizations are invited to review and submit their specific inputs and views on the proposed actions to the address indicated below or via email address on or before the close of day on Tuesday 12th October, 2021.

The comments received will inform inputs that will enhance proposal before final adoption.


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