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Public Consultation On Proposed Regulatory Interventions On The Use Of Devices In The Internet Of Things (IOT) Environment

Posted on: 10th January 2018

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the regulatory authority for the ICT industry in Kenya with responsibilities in telecommunications, e-commerce, cyber security, broadcasting and postal/courier services. The CA is also responsible for managing the country’s numbering and frequency spectrum resources as well as protecting interests of users of ICT services.

The Authority is equally charged with the management of the country’s numbering resources and the type approval of ICT devices.

The Authority wishes to inform the public on the emerging technology on Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to IoT, you can manage and observe your gadgets/assets, which are far, using your smartphones. This means, for instance, your refrigerator will be able to inform you when your favorite drink is running low. On the medical front, devices can be implanted on patients to monitor and transmit vital signs to machines at the hospital. This interaction is referred to as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

One of the components that consumes large space on an IoT is the SIM Card. Manufacturers are minimizing the size of the SIM Cards by integrating it into the device, this is called an embedded SIM or simply eSIM. To protect consumers, the Authority needs to ensure devices with eSIM sold in Kenya meet the international standard called GSMA RSP Architecture Version 2.014 of October 2016.

Further, each IoT device will require a number to connect to the mobile network. It is anticipated that IoT devices will be very many and the current 12-digit mobile numbers will not be enough for IoT. The Authority therefore proposes to open a special 15-digit numbering range for IoT. This should not worry subscribers, as there will be no need to call an IoT device. Once communication is set up with an IoT device, it can be assigned a ‘name’, to help it be recognized on a mobile phone. The 15-digit range will give Kenya a billion IoT numbers ensuring every citizen can connect as many devices as they wish.

This is therefore to call on Kenyans and other interested persons to participate in this consultation to:

  • Adopt the GSMA RSP Architecture Version 2.014 of October 2016 international standard and its successors for use in the Type Approval of devices with eSIM and
  • Adopt a 15-digit numbering range for assignment to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The detailed technical consultation document is available on the Authority’s website on this link:

Members of the public, stakeholders, and other interested parties may submit their comments/inputs on the proposal on or before 6th March 2018 via email to or in writing addressed to

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