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Public Consultation Paper on Review of the Procedures and Guidelines in the Management and Administration of Telecommunications Numbering Resources in Kenya

Posted on: 26th May 2020

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the regulatory Authority for the ICT industry in Kenya with responsibilities in telecommunications, e-commerce, broadcasting and postal/courier services.

The Authority is also responsible for managing the country’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) numbering and frequency spectrum resources, administering the Universal Service Fund (USF) as well as safeguarding the interests of users of ICT services.

In furtherance of its mandate in the management and administration of ICT numbering, pursuant to the Kenya Information and Communications (Numbering) Regulations 2011, the Authority has reviewed the existing Procedures and Guidelines for the Management and Administration of Short Codes and Premium Rate Numbers 2012.

The objective of this review is to enhance efficiency, transparency and equitable access and benefits in the use of the resources. This review is also aimed at discouraging increased unethical and fraudulent activities, and practices using Short Codes, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Codes and other numbers that have the potential of compromising national security.

Key among the proposed changes include review of the procedure for assignments of Short Codes, USSDs and Premium Rate numbering resources to licensed Content Service Providers and a new fee structure.

In the spirit of consultation, the Authority hereby invites members of public, industry players, consumers of ICT services and other stakeholders for any comments, inputs and suggestions on the proposed guidelines.

These guidelines are proposed for implementation beginning 1st September 2020. Details of the proposed guidelines are available on the Authority’s website at

Any representations, comments, suggestions and/or recommendations should be sent to address below by 12th June 2020.

The Director -Licensing, Compliance and Standards

Communications Authority of Kenya

1st Floor, CA Centre, Waiyaki Way

P.O. Box 14448 Nairobi 00800

Tel: +254 20 4242000

Mobile: +254 703 042000



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