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Request For Comments On The Proposed Privacy And Data Protection Policy And Bill, 2018

Posted on: 13th September 2018

Recent developments in the ICT sector both locally and internationally have led to the recognition of Privacy as a fundamental human right, making protection of Personal Data a key pillar for human dignity. Further to this, in order to harness the benefits of the digital economy and mitigate the harms consequent to it, formulating a Data Protection framework is critical for Kenya.

The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology through Gazette Notice Number 4367 of 11th May 2018 constituted a Taskforce to develop the Policy and Regulatory Framework for Privacy and Data Protection in Kenya. The proposed Policy and Bill will give effect to Article 31 of the Constitution of Kenya, by defining the requirements for the protection of Personal Data.

The Taskforce, in line with the Constitutional requirement to subject proposed Regulatory Framework for public consultation, hereby invites the public to give comments on the proposed Policy and Bill on or before 19th September 2018.

Comments may be submitted through the following email addresses or or through the addresses below:

Mr. Jerome Ochieng
Principal Secretary, ICT &Innovation
Ministry of Information Technology and Communication,
Teleposta Towers
P.O. Box 30025-00100

Taskforce on Development of the Policy and Regulatory Framework for Privacy and Data Protection in Kenya.
Communication Authority of Kenya
P.O. Box 14448

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