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CA Director General David Mugonyi (second left) with other ICT industry stakeholders during the launch of the Kuza ICT Awards in Nairobi.

Authority Launches Revamped Kuza ICT Awards

The Authority on Wednesday launched the revamped Kuza ICT Awards, an all-encompassing recognition for the ICT industry.

The unveil sought to build on the success of the Kuza Awards, which for the last six years, rewarded excellence in the broadcasting sector only. At the same time, the Authority has been hosting the ICT Week as a separate event to discuss emerging issues in the ICT sector.

Over time, stakeholders have challenged the Authority to expand the awards include the other regulated services like telecommunications and postal and courier services.

‘‘After careful reflection and invaluable feedback from the industry we realized we could add more value to the two events by merging them and expanding the Awards to incorporate the fullness of the ICT sector,’’ said CA Director General Mr. David Mugonyi.

Under this new arrangement, ICT Week 2024 will culminate with the first edition of the Kuza ICT Awards, a move the DG observed, will spur excellence across the sector.

‘‘The goodwill and success that ICT Week has enjoyed over the last 10 years is a reason to invest in an industry event that will showcase the exceptional achievement in our sector, provide the insights to unlock the potential of ICT in Kenya and advance our vision of digital access for all,’’ added the DG.

The theme for the 2024 ICT Week and Kuza ICT Awards is “Innovation for a sustainable digital future,” which positions the ICT sector as a critical catalyst for the social and economic transformation of Kenya.

‘‘ICT Week and the Kuza ICT Awards are pivotal channels for powering the digital and creative economy pillars of the Government’s Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA),’’ the DG stated. ICT Week will run across two days from 5th to 6th June 2024, featuring discussions on diverse emerging issues in the ICT sector, culminating into the Kuza ICT Awards.

The 2024 Kuza ICT Awards will have nine (9) categories:

1. Broadcasting Award

2. Postal and Courier Award

3. Telecommunications Award

4. Green ICT Award 5.

Cyber Security Excellence Award

6. Child Online Protection and Safety Award

7. Women in Tech Award

8. Lifetime Achievement Award

9. People’s Choice Award

The broadcasting, telecommunication and postal and courier awards will be based on compliance with the Authority’s licence conditions as well call for nominations from the industry.

The Green ICTs, Cyber Security Excellence, Women in Tech and Child Online Protection and Safety Awards will be based on call for nominations from the industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be issued at the Authority’s discretion.

The People’s Choice Award will now have seven categories, namely:

1. Radio Station of the Year

2. TV Station of the Year

3. Mobile Operator of the Year

4. Internet Service Provider of the Year

5. Courier Service Provider of the Year

6. Customer Service Excellence Award

7. Content Creator of the Year

Voting for the People’s Choice Award will start on 22nd April and run to 22nd May 2024. Voting will be via SMS short code 15601 and online at