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License Application Forms & Fees




License Application Forms & Fees

Telecommunications Services


The license fees and license periods are determined based on the market segment to be serviced. Other than application fees, other requisite fees include; initial operating fees, annual operating fees, access fees for spectrum and annual spectrum fees. Annual Licence fees are subject to a monthly interest of 2% where it remains unpaid ninety (90) days after it becomes due.

New Market Structure Under The Unified Licensing Framework 2021


Broadcasting Services


Postal and Courier Services


Postal and courier license fees are charged based on the service to be offered, format and area of service. The attendant fees are highlighted below:

License Category Application Fee Annual Operating Fee 0.4% of Gross annual turnover or the figure below in KSHS whichever is higher Period of payment Length of license
Public Postal Operator Responsible for USO with widest international and domestic networks 5,000/= 500,000/= On/or before 1st July of each year 25 Years
International Operator Operates internationally with domestics and worldwide networks 5,000/= 100,000/= On/or before 1st July of each year 0.4% of annual turnover whichever is higher 15 Years
National Operator An operator within Kenya 5,000/= 30,000/= On/or before 1st July of each year 0.4% of annual turnover whichever is higher 15 Years


This categorization and accompanying license fees are reviewed from time to time.

Postal and Courier Application Form

Procedure for Licensing Postal and Courier Operators


Type Approval of Communications Equipment


On 6th October 2011, the Authority reviewed regulatory fees including, type approval fees. The average reduction of 80% intended to encourage vendors and contractors to seek type approval.

Type Approval Fees effective 1st July 2012


Type Approval Application Form


Numbering Resources


If interested in applying for numbering resources, the following are the relevant forms:


Frequency Spectrum Resources


Electronic Certification Service Provider (ECSP)


ULF Licence Application Fee(Kshs.) Initial License Fee Annual Operating Fee (Kshs.)
Electronic Certification Service Provider (E-CSP) 5,000/= 100,000/= 0.4% of annual gross turnover from licensed services or 80,000/= whichever is higher


All prospective applicants for the Electronic Certification Service Provider (ECSP) are required to fill the following applicable form: