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Submitted by cademo_admin on June 3, 2023

Telecentres are community access points mainly adopted for rural and high cost areas to reduce the cost of individual ownership of equipment and service. The Authority has supported the establishment of four telecentres in Chwele (Bungoma West District), Mutomo (Mutomo District), Eldama Ravine (Koibatek District) and Kitundu (Makueni District). The Centers were provided with various communications services to enhance ICT capacity in the rural areas through training and access to information. The main objective of the telecentres strategy was to enable organized social groupings to integrate the capability of ICT platform into their daily income (livelihoods) generating and other socio-economic activities.

The Authority provided the centres with a server, two computers, a printer, as well as free internet connectivity for at least one year. The centres are run and managed on behalf of the local community through a partnership with institutions that have sufficient experience in rural ICT development. Some of the services provided at the centers include

  1. Computer services
  2. Data (Internet and e-mail)
  3. ICT training services (e-learning)
  4. Typing and printing facilities.

In 2007, the Authority established four (4) Community ICT Access points in;

  • Sabatia Farmers Co-operative Society in Eldama Ravine which deals with dairy products.
  • Mwavuli Self Help Group in Chwele and Sirisia which handle income generating activities.
  • Mutomo Mission Hospital providing relevant information on Agriculuture, reproductive health and environment.
  • Kitundu SDA church providing access to information and ICT training.

Sabatia Commuity Telecentre – Koibatek

This is a tripartite arrangement where the Authority collaborates with a development partner to support an organized grassroot community in the rural area. These centres provide ICT access and training for the target community.