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Kenya Crowns Campaign Cycle with Glorious Win at ITU Council

Kenya Crowns Campaign Cycle with Glorious Win at ITU Council

Kenya has clinched the ITU Council seat, crowing the campaign cycle on a high note.
The win at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference currently underway in Bucharest, Romania, was a final statement of the country’s leadership credentials in the field of ICT and a seal of approval among the community of nations.
At the ITU election, Kenya garnered 146 votes, the highest ever, to emerge top in Africa, effectively gaining a slot at the Council, one of ITU’s top decision-making organ. It was Kenya’s best run since joining the Council in 1982.
Other African countries elected to the Council include Ghana, Egypt, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia, Mauritius, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa. This was Kenya’s best performance since joining Council in 1982.
‘‘The results demonstrate that Kenya continues to enjoy the trust and confidence of the international community to provide meaningful leadership in the advancement of the digital economy.  It is also an inspiration for us to do more to deliver dividends of digital transformation to every citizen in the country,’’ the Authority said in a dispatch to the media.
With the victory at the ITU Council, Kenya has wound up the campaign season that began in June 2021 with a re-election to the Administrative Council of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU).
Later in August, Kenya mounted a vicious campaign for re-election to the Council of Administration (CA) and Postal Operations Council (POC) of the Universal Postal Union.
In August this year, Kenya’s Mr. John Omo was re-elected for a second and final term as the Secretary General of the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) in Algiers. Algeria.
All the campaigns have been meticulously coordinated and executed by the Authority, working closely with the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs and the Ministry of Information, Communication and Digital Economy.