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Submitted by cademo_admin on June 3, 2023

Through partnership with the Provincial Medical Office of Nairobi (PMO),  under the Ministry of Health of Kenya, Telkom Kenya (TKL), Axesstel, Research Triangle Institute (RTI) of USA and QUALCOMM “Wireless Reach Alliance” of South Africa, the Authority has supported the computerization of health facilities in Nairobi Province.

The objective of the partnership is to enhance efficiency of the reporting system between the health facilities under the supervision of the Nairobi PMO and the Logistics Management Unit (LMU)through a wireless connectivity to solve the critical need of replacing the manual process of reporting and ordering re-supply of ARV drugs by health facilities in Nairobi. This was to enhance the Logistics Management Unit’s (LMU) ability to process the re- supply of ARV drugs for therapy to HIV positive patients in 16 health clinics in Nairobi Province of Kenya.

In this project, the Authority supported the acquisition of computer hardware and software in the health centers according to technical specifications provided by RTI. Some of the health facilities supported under this program are Nairobi Remand Prison Health Center; Riruta Health Centre; Makadara Health Centre and  Mathari Hospital.

The primary objectives of the pilot project are:

  • To demonstrate the use of wireless broadband technology to improve patient care by enhancing the efficiency of the reporting system between health facilities under the supervision of the Nairobi Provincial Medical Office (PMO);
  • To improve the ability of health workers at Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) sites, pharmacists in the district, and the provincial pharmacist to communicate regarding changing policies and trends in ART; and
  • Ensure that patients with HIV/AIDS within the locality of the health centres have a constant supply of anti retroviral drugs.