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LEFT: Mr. Abel Mutua receives the Platinum award as the best content creator in Kenya at this year’s Kuza Awards from Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba. RIGHT: Citizen TV representatives jubilate as they receive the award of  Kenya’s favourite Free to Air TV award.

Abel Mutua Is Kenya’s Top Content Creator as Citizen TV Scoops Favourite TV Award at Kuza Awards

Abel Mutua was announced as Kenya’s top content creator as Citizen TV and Radio Maisha scooped top honours as Kenya’s favourite TV and radio respectively at this year’s Kuza Broadcasting Awards held on 16th June 2023 in Nairobi.

Mr. Mutua scooped the platinum award in the favourite content creator’s category after being voted by audiences in the People’s Choice award category. He topped Mike Muchiri, Crazy Kennar and Blessed Njugush who were in the top four finish.

It was the first time the Authority introduced the new category to recognize content creators.

In the Free-to-Air TV category, K24 and Ramogi TV came in second and third respectively. In the radio category, Radio Maisha received the highest votes as Kenya’s favourite radio, followed by Citizen Radio and Radio 47.

At the same time, GOTV was voted Kenya’s favourite pay TV service with StarTimes, and DSTV coming second and third respectively. Regional radio stations were also feted in this category.

Besides the People’s Choice Awards category in which audiences voted for their favourite broadcasters and content creators, the regulatory category saw broadcasters awarded in line with compliance to various regulatory requirements and based on CA’s assessment of their performance in the financial year 2022/2023.

In this category, Radio 316 was announced the winner in the commercial free-to-air radio, TV 47 in the commercia free-to-air TV while Ratego Radio won in the Community Radio category.

The Pan African Network Group won the Broadcast Signal Distributor, Mo Radio as the upcoming broadcaster, radio while Gabriel Times TV clinched the upcoming broadcaster, TV in that category.

Akili Kids TV won the best broadcaster promoting children’s content. This year’s awards were held under the theme, “Shaping the Future of Broadcasting: Towards a Creative Economy” to showcase the role of the broadcasting sector in the support of the government’s Bottom-up Economic Transformational Agenda (BETA).

Former CA Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi was posthumously recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in the development of the broadcasting sector in Kenya.

The People’s Choice Award saw significant 1,299,770 votes cast trough SMS and online platforms. The voting period ran from 28th April 2023 to 28th May 2023.